Monday, June 27, 2011

Living Outside the Box!

It's so easy to let life "box" us in. How easy it is for our daily lives to define who we are, how we live, and what's important to us. How easy it is to forget the larger picture of our lives in terms of spirituality, relationships, and what's really important. I recently lost a beautiful part of my life when my sister-in-laws mother died. Defining her as someone else's mother somehow does not do justice to how special she was to me and so many other's that knew her and loved her. She was the kind of person that lived her life with such clarity and purpose that when you were around her, it made you realize that each day on earth was given to us for a clear and specific love each other and to take each moment as an opportunity to share that love. She was a Christian woman who quietly lived a life devoted to family, God, and service. Earth's loss is no doubt heaven's gain!

In the throes of grief, it seems impossible to find the bright spot so I won't try. I only hope that the memory of how she lived her life can be a daily reminder to cherish each moment and break out of life's box. May we all find our purpose and live with zest.

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