Sunday, March 8, 2009

Esme the Corgi

This is such a rare photo opportunity. I was thrilled to get it! My dear 2-year old Corgi Esme in a moment of repose. She's a high energy, bundle of fun that has brought such joy to our house. Rarely is she this composed when I get the camera out as typically the introduction of the camera sends her into a frenzy of barking and frantic running. Of the hundreds of photos I've taken of her very few are in focus as she takes off as soon as she senses the presence of the camera. She's such a trip! I've always had dogs and somehow ended up marrying a non-dog person. Not sure how that happened...I guess there may be more important reasons to choose a spouse. But anyway, eventually I convinced him that our children needed a dog so they could grow up and be normal. Since I've wanted a Corgi my whole life, we ended up with a Corgi ( surprise). Esme came to us a tiny ball of fur with the sweetest disposition. She's a great dog--not perfect--but great nonetheless. My in-laws were recently visiting for 6 months from India and they too are NON-DOG people. In having them come to live with us for 6 months, one of my biggest concerns was how they would adjust to a dog. Amazingly, despite the fact they've never had a dog or had a desire to have one, they loved her. In fact, I think my mother-in-law will probably miss Esme more than anyone now that they are back in India. Ah...the love of a dog!

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  1. Look how calm Botswana is :) that NEVER happens.
    Very regal-ish as if to say "this is my house. back off."